What is Da Undercard?

English: Antonio Tarver after a boxing match a...

English: Antonio Tarver after a boxing match against Danny Green in July 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Welcome to Da Undercard!

If you are a return visitor, welcome back! However, if this is your first time to the site, you’re probably wondering… what is Da Undercard about? Well, the meaning is simple. Our name comes from the world of boxing in which the definition is as follows:



The list of less important bouts on the same bill as a main boxing match.

That being said, I’m sure you’re probably saying “Oh, so this is a blog about Boxing right”? Wrong. The reason why this is called Da Undercard is because like those fighters in the less important bouts, we (by we I mean I) bring you the best of those who often go unoticed in the fight due to being overshadowed by the bigger and more known competitors. Based around the Hip Hop culture in New York City, Da Undercard brings you the latest on unsigned/independent artists, fashion, food, lifestyles, and news relevant to New York City’s culture. This is Da Undercard, and that is what we are about. So if you like all things New York City, you’ll find yourself at home here with us (and by us I mean I) at DA UNDERCARD!


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