FlatbushZombiesDeep in the the dark regions of Hip Hop, there is a place called the underground. It is a place where both unsigned and independent artists reside. Some are looking for a way to break out into mainstream music, others are simply content with the benefits of not being bound by a record label contract, and if they are signed, they are independent labels. There is one particular group of rappers who have been making waves in the underground community, not only for their unorthadox style and lyrical content, but their regular use of Acid. Da Undercard introduces you to the world of Flatbush Zombies.

The Hip Hop group is comprised of @MeechIsDEAD, @ZombieJuicee, and @erikarcelliot (the twitter handles of the three). The men have eccentric styles and look and act nothing like one would typically expect from a rap group; which is exactly why they are successful. The group hails from Brookyln and is the work of the MC duo Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, who’s clear inspiration is drug use among other things. In fact, the latest mixtape effort: D.R.U.G.S (Death and Reincarnation under God’s Supervision) shows testament to not only their love for Sour Diesel, but lyrical prowess.

Just a few weeks back, Flatbush Zombies released their first video for “Thug Waffle”, a track off of the D.R.U.G.S mixtape. Since being uploaded to Youtube, the video has recieved over 100,000 hits; an amazing feat considering that they do not have the backing of a record label. The groups dreamy/spacey beats combined with suggestive lyrics makes for a contagious combinaton. Many of they tracks have catchy hooks that linger in the listeners head long after it has passed through their ears; they’ve been so successful that the group has even performed with more publicly known artists such as A$AP Rocky.

Even though the group is reletively unknown in the mainstream circuit, they have generated quite the following in the underground, as they have proven that they are just as talented as those that can be heard throughout the day on the radio, making them a welcome contender in underground Hip Hops Thunderdome.



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