Lights, Camera, Action Bronson!



New York City is known for many things; being the city that never sleeps, public transportation delays, aggressive locals, trendy neighborhoods, restaurants, and nightlife. But of you ask my opinion, the greatest thing that this city is known for is being the birthplace of Hip Hop. But a lot of changes have occurred in the Hip Hop game since it started back on Sedgwick  and Cedar Ave; clever wordplay and lyricism has been replaced with a greater emphasis on beats that make people dance in the club, not saying that’s necessarily a “bad” thing, but a lot of the Hip Hop (or more accurately labeled Rap) lacks content and delivery…that’s where Action Bronson comes in.

Before he started rapping, Arian Asllani better known by his stage name Action Bronson (@Actionbronson) was a chef. Asllani who hails from Queens is of Albanian descent , and was a respected gourmet chef, and even had a online cooking show “Action in the Kitchen”. But his constant references to gourmet food in his lyrics isn’t the only thing that will tingle your spine, Action Bronson is also well known for how similar both his lyrics and delivery is to that of Wu Tang rapper Ghostface Killah.

He made his debut in 2011 with his studio album Dr. Lecter, and then followed it up with Well Done, a collaboration between him and Statik Selektah. Presently, he has four mixtapes in addition to his two albums (Party Supplies X Blue Chips being my favorite thus far). For his clever lyrics and delivery, Action Bronson definitely gets two thumbs up in my book. Be sure to check out his music, and if you like it, you can say Doom “put you on”.


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