Two for Tuesday: Pommes Frites


Continuing with our journey through LES, we happen upon another local legend that boasts a line larger than the establishment itself; Da Undercard brings you: Pommes Frites

123 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-1234

Now, for any of you who are native New Yorkers or just happen to have lived here for a while, you know that many of the best places to grab a bite are hidden in plain sight; you know, the small hole in the wall places? Pommes Frites is no exception; during the day its easy enough to pass.The line isn’t that long and probably doesn’t wrap around the corner…yet. The time that it truly shines is at night, when the bars are open and the liquor starts flowing, Pommes Frites comes alive, with a line that goes down the block full of tipsy New Yorkers and hungry LES natives. So by now I’m sure you’re wondering, well what the hell is everyone standing outside of this small ass shack in the middle of the block for right? Well, the answer is this…Belgian fries.

See, for anyone who’s every been in or around LES, the can tell you that it’s loaded with bars, and anyone who’s had their fair share of bar crawls can tell you,starch is alcohols best friend. See, for some in that long line, those delicious twice cooked Belgian fries are the difference between going home with honor, or puking that McDonald’s you ate earlier during your pregame on the curb of the sidewalk…if you even make it that far. But for those of us who managed not to piss on ourselves, Pommes Frites is a delicious carb loaded treat from Europe cooked to order by the friendly Asian fellas behind the counter.

After waiting about five to ten minutes outside of this small shack and having the smell waft around your nose, you’re ready to do damage right? You know what you want right? POTATOES! I mean, what else could you order right? WRONG! While it is true that typically frites are eaten with mayonnaise or “frite sauce”, this place has more sauces than you could imagine would go on top of these spuds. Outside Pommes Frites is a menu with a list of all the sauces that they have, and boy are they good. Half of the whole waiting process is people trying to figure out what they want. Some of my favorite include the peanut satay, war sauce, Vietnamese pineapple sauce *drools*, black peppercorn Parmesan, mango chutney, and a few other that I can’t recall at the moment; not that it matters because there’s so many to choose from anyway.So now you got your sauces lined up and think you’re gonna order like a pro huh? Well, before you get your dander up, there’s something you should be aware of… the sizes! Pommes frites come in three sizes: OMG, WTF, and Fat Cow *not actual size names* The most common mistake people make is ordering the right size, of both sauce(s) and frites. If you’re sharing with a friend, drunk, or just a fat ass, the single (actual name) is all you need, not that you should ever need that many frites at once. They scoop up your hot out the oil frites into rolled paper and then put that in a brown paper bag for you with napkins(probably not the best move there guys). When you open the bag, steam blasts in your face and then as you dip your crispy frite into one of their sauces, you’ll know boundless your mouth. The combination of the salty hot frites and the sweet or savory sauces is a thing of legends.

That being said, realistically you wont eat all the frites (especially after you sopped up all the sauce on like three frites, didn’t you fatty), and their taste reheated is pretty lack lusterm so they’ll end up in the garbage. Two blocks up and down from Pommes Frites is a brown paper bag graveyard, where all the frites that didn’t make it down someones gullet are left to be organic waste at a landfill (even the local bums don’t want cold frites). All in all, for about six bucks (inculding a few sauces) Pommes Frites is the way to go when you’re hungry, sobering up, or both. So pick up a single and tell em Doom sent ya…oh and seriously, don’t order their largest size; that’s literally like five or six potatoes…fatty.


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