Worst of NYC: M50 Bus



Now everyone knows that just like there’s a lot of really cool stuff in NYC, there’s an equal if not double amount of crap. Fortunately for tourists traveling with cars, it’s mostly public transportation; but for us poor city dwellers (some of which don’t even have a permit) we have to deal with the daily MTA grind with fellow bitter New Yorkers, and the occassional tourists who decide the want to pack 15 people on the four train at Yankee Staduim. Da Undercard will be bringing our best and worst of NYC. Today’s worst: M50 Bus.


Anyone who has either visited,passed through, or works around (sorry if that’s you) Times Square, you know that the streets are a sea of people. In fact, it’s safe to say that on certain blocks, there’s more traffic on the sidewalk than in the street! Be it by foot,car,bus, or train, if you’re traveling in midtown, you’re going to be pissed off. So nothing makes your frustration peak than when you take all that and add in a bus that runs slower than turtles have sex. This is the M50….

Dubbed the slowest bus route in the MTA, riding on the M50 is worse than getting teeth pulled. The bus runs like…twice, every hour. What’s worse is that you’ll be spending an hour riding it across the west side. Ok so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when you’re in a rush to get to the AMC theater on east 69th because the tickets for forty-deuce were sold out, that’s more or less how it will feel. Not to mention that the operators seem all to willing to pick you up. If you ask me, being a bus operator on the M50 line must be equivalent to a cop being busted down to parking cop. Pretty sad I know right? But one thing is for sure, you can walk across town faster than the bus will get you there. So if you have $2.50 on your metrocard and you need to get across town fast…walk. You’ll get there faster (if not around the same time) and your body will thank you for the exercise!


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