Best of NYC: Halal Truck



New York City isn’t all bad right? I mean sure, the locals seem bitter, the garbage is overflowing, and using public transportation can be a blessing or a curse; but that doesn’t mean that this city isn’t without it’s gems. One of the most commonplace things to see is a Halal truck; why you ask? Well, it’s simple…the food is damn good.

Sometimes when you are tumbling out of a bar at 3:30 in the morning, hunger strikes. I mean, this is common knowledge right? But not anything will cut it; you need something hot, delicious, and loaded with carbs, you need Halal food. For anywhere from four to six bucks, you can score a hot tray of delicious chicken, falafel, or lamb over rice. The kind Arab guy who looks like he hasn’t slept in about four days talking on his hands free headset in Farsi loads a heap of yellow rice into a Styrofoam tray, and puts like two large sections of lettuce and a tomato on one end. Once he has finished recooking your meat (or falafel) he loads it on top of the rice, making you wonder how the try will even close.

Now this next part is probably the most crucial part of this transaction (other than making sure that the crinkled wad of cash in your pocket is enough to pay for the food), and that is the sauce. Too much white sauce will turn your tray into a mess (which it’ll be if you’re the type to mix your food), and too much red sauce will send you to the bathroom with a five alarms blaze coming out of the backdoor. My rule of thumb? Do it by the lines. I tell my Halal Truck guys “10 lines of white sauce and five lines of red”; by doing this they go up and down the try lengthwise coating the meat and rice dish with the perfect amount of sauce to add flavor and avoid the mud butts. If you’re one of the lucky few why happens to go to one of the Halal trucks that have the green sauce (garlic I believe) GET THAT! It’s hard to find and combined with the food, tastes like your mouth is having sex with it. That’s a good thing by the way.

So, if you’re low on cash, trying to sober up, or just looking for some late night grub, hit up a Halal truck and tell em Doom sent you (enjoy their confused looks when you do).




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