Worst of NYC: Waterbugs


Ok, so once again we’re here, the worst of NYC; well this time we’re getting nasty. Anyone who’s spent their youth growing up in the projects (or anywhere in the South Bronx), it doesn’t matter how clean your home may be, you’ll always find roaches. Yes I said it, roaches; those small fast moving brown critters that crawl on your kitchen counter and the walls of your bathroom. Nasty aren’t they? But surprisingly they aren’t the worst of NYC even though they’re pretty bad, it’s their muscle that crawls out of the gutters and along the sides of buildings and into open windows. Meet the waterbug.

Waterbugs are big, fast, and aggressive, to the point where roaches seem like a minor inconvenience in comparison. Walk on the right street and you’ll see them walking next to you along the sidewalk, looking for a quick bite…or a free ride. Oh and don’t think you can just step on em and it’s all over, those guys are tougher than their smaller relatives and put up a fight. I’ve seen a few of them chase women down the street. So in short, waterbugs are no bueno, and if you see one either kill it quick or give it it’s space.


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