Ask J Doom: What’s worse?


So, I (@J_Doom_NYC) was having a conversation with a friend of mine; actually it was more of a game. We were playing a game of  “what’s worse” when the question of “what’s worse, child birth or getting kicked in the balls?” came up (totally my doing). Naturally she said in a fire and brimston-ish way child birth. Her argument was that a man could never experience anything as painful as childbirth, and that supposedly the human body can tolerate 45 dels  (units) of pain, and childbirth is around 57 dels (units) of pain or something like that. That’s like, fracturing 20 bones at once; ouch. However, me being the person that I am, I called bullshit. I said that not only could I find something equivalent to childbirth that men go through, but find something much much worse.

So here’s what I found. First off, there is no scientific pain measure called a “del”, but there is a measurement called a “dol”, which is short for Dolor, which is Latin for pain. But, that term didn’t really catch on past the 1950’s so neither “del” or “dol” are used. That being said however, most medical professionals measure pain on a scale from one to 10. Another thing is something that everybody knows, pain is subjective. What may be a seven to one person may be a four to another, so there is really no definite way to determine exactly how painful childbirth is for each and every woman.

So, now I’m sure you’re wondering “well what about getting kicked in the balls?” Well those same “experts” who put the whole 57 dels of pain thought in my friends head also went on to say that a man getting kicked in the sack is equivalent to birthing 160 kids AND 3200 bones at the same time. Yes, at the same damn time. Oh by the way, the adult human body has 206 bones; so kicking one man in the pair is equivalent to breaking every bone in 15.5 (I guess the .5 is a kid) men’s bodies as the collectively give birth to 160 kids at the same time.

Now obviously both are highly unlikely because that would mean that if the human body could only take 45 dels of pain, every woman would die giving birth, and kicking a man in the nuts would kill 15.5 men….as they’re giving birth to 160 children. Sounds unlikely to me. This much is true though, while the level of pain for childbirth varies from woman to woman, getting kicked in the pair is a 10 across the board for us men.

Big thanks to for having the facts to support my opinion.

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