Meet Sean Price


New York City is known for it’s collection of successful Hip Hop artists, in fact New York is known as the birthplace of Hip Hop; but just as it’s known for the mainstream artists that have hit the airwaves with their music, this city also has a large and thriving underground circuit. It is in this underground movement where lesser known artists try and make a way to the top, it is here where we find Sean P.

By no means is Sean Price (@SeanMandela) an up and comer, he’s been in the game for years and has maintained a strong following throughout that time. Rapping since 1993, he has been affiliated with Boot Camp Clik (part of Duck Down Productions) and was also half of the group Heltah Skeltah (under the name Ruckus). He dropped his first solo album Monkey Barz in 2005 and more recently, Mic Tyson in 2012.

With his aggressive lyrical prowess and choice of beats, Sean Price has been a favorite of mine for years, and even though he isn’t a mainstream artist, he makes it clear that he is here to stay. That’s love of Hip Hop right there.



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