Best of NYC:


Ah, summer in NYC, beautiful isn’t it? The college students are out (well most of them are), people wear less and less clothing, the heat driving New Yorkers mad; traffic, getting stuck on a crowded train….ok so maybe summer here kinda sucks, but it doesn’t always have to be so. That’s why this best of NYC is dedicated to one thing:

Now, if you’re a native New Yorker, I’m sure that you’re more concerned about getting on the 4 train on 149th street before rush hour hits far more than what local events are going on during the weekend. But thanks to our midwestern friends who have taken over entire neighborhoods, it’s becoming cool to travel the streets of NYC. Whether you’re strapped for cash or not, one thing is for sure, in this city, you cant beat free. is exactly what it implies, free concerts!

After you register on the site (registration is obviously free), you answer a few questions about your tastes, and the website generates a list of free events going around in across the boroughs. Most of the concerts are held in local parks and recreational areas, and feature mostly indie and local talent, but sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a concert with some big names in it. In the end I mean you can’t really complain if the line up sucks though right? I mean, it is free right?

So if you’re looking for something “cost effective”, or just wanna get outside your cramped apartment and stretch out your legs instead of having netflix marathons, check it out and catch a show! It’s on the house…literally.

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