Beware of the Infamous Roach!


You know how a lot of women are afraid of nasty little bugs right? I’m sure you’ve also probably seen those fast moving little gross fucks (roaches) in the projects…and well, wherever else they thrive right? *nod your head yes* Well, this is one roach that not only do the ladies love, but you’ll have a helluva time trying to squash; meet Infamous Roach.

Nestor “Infamous Roach” Arocho (@Infmaous_Roach) is a rapper  from Atlantic City New Jersey (and one of the Original members of Legion of Doom/The New Legion of Doom (LoD/TNLoD). Ranked #42 on Reverbnation’s Hip Hop chart for Atlantic City, he plays no games as an artist. I had the opportunity to pick his brain a bit. Here’s how it went down:

Doom: Yo what’s good bro? How you doing?

Roach: I’m doing outstanding…never worse.

Doom: Cool cool. So yo, how long you been rapping and who inspired you?

Roach: Well I started rapping in Spanish since I was eight or nine. I though at the time that one day I would be as big as Vico C in PR (Puerto Rico). He was my inspiration and that happened when I started listening to Tito Rojas and the great Salseros of that era…For Vico C to make such an impact when I was a child…it was big to me.

Doom: Nice nice, that’s a good answer. Ok, so who are five artists that you would like to work with right now?

Roach: Five of today’s artists…ah man, Nas is on the top of that list; hands down! I would like to link with Chris Rivers, I think it’s the Rican in me and growing up listening to his Pops’. It was an amazing journey listening to him…and I see a lot of Pun in him. Another artist I would like to work with is Bruno Mars. I think his melody and his songwriting skills are unparalleled.I would like to see myself in a track with Joe Budden; as a person he has his side of the story, but his music is great and unappreciated. He has a great talent in writing songs. And last but not least would be my favorite female rapper, Rah Digga. So New Jersey…so boom bap, so lyrical…just amazing.

Doom: Who are some of your favorite Producers?

Roach: My favorite Producers are 9th [Wonder], Premo [Premier], and No ID

Doom: Alright, what is your favorite solo track and your favorite collab?

Roach: My favorite solo was Frigid Fire…it meant so much to me. Even though I never finished it, but it means a lot. Favorite collab track would be Twinz [Twinz/Deep Cover 2012], flexing some flow and delivery and pen dexterity with my brother from different worlds J Doom.

Doom: Lol nice man. I’m about to switch it up a lil bit, boxers or briefs?

Roach: Boxers AND briefs…depends on how I’m feeling.

Doom: What’s your favorite food?

Roach: Can’t go wrong with some Rican food from Grandmothers

Doom: What’s usually in your cup?

Roach: My cup is always filled with alcohol…I’m a responsible alcoholic!

Doom: What are you favorite sports?

Roach: Boxing and basketball. I like boxers getting punched in the face in they grill, and gotta love dunks…facial dunks.

Doom: Speaking of basketball, who do you think is going to win game seven?

Roach: Game seven is going to be the Spurs, even if the refs are going with the Heat.

Doom: Ok, if you could be with any woman, who would it be?

Roach: Megan Good…she is just sexy, but that regular kinda sexy. Oh and Nicole, but she got a girlfriend…but I would treat her like a Queen.

Doom: (Laughs) I bet, ok last question. What’s playing in your headphones?

Roach: My headphones are filled with instrumentals, all fucking day!

Be sure to check out Infamous Roach on reverbnation! and be sure to follow him on Twitter!


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