Best of NYC: Bodegas/Corner stores/Deli’s



What is known need not be said. Maybe that’s the case typically, but I couldn’t stress this enough; NYC just wouldn’t be NYC without these guys all over the place. The one place where you can find just about everything at anytime. I introduce to you: Best of NYC: Bodegas/Corner stores/Deli’s.

To people who aren’t natives, they see a grocery store. To native New Yorkers, we see:

  • Bodega
  • Corner store
  • Deli
  • Loosie spot
  • Liquor store
  • Chill spot
  • The place to get dutches

Whatever the reason, New Yorkers find themselves in one of these places almost daily. And depending on whether or not it’s Habibi or Papi behind the counter, you can find a wide variety of items catering to the specific needs and want’s of the neighborhood. During the day you see students flooding out with delicious bacon egg and cheese on a roll sandwiches, or toasted raisin bagels with cream cheese and jelly *drools*, and at night you see it become the hang out spot for locals to catch up on the days events. It’s no surprise these guys land on our best of NYC list!


8 responses to “Best of NYC: Bodegas/Corner stores/Deli’s

      • I highly doubt it, lol. It’s in the South Bronx, in the middle of the block, on a one-way street. He might not get as much business as a corner spot, but he has a loyal following among the neighborhood.

      • I mean it’s possible, I grew up split between Manhattan and the Bronx with some time spent in Brooklyn. If it’s near University, Wallace, or Allerton avenues, I may have been there. Bodegas in the middle of the block are tough spots because a lot of people don’t see em, but if they serve up good hot food and sandwiches, that’s all you need! That and a bit of promotion. Maybe I can do something on your pop’s bodega, it would be good promo!

      • It’s on Hoe Avenue by Home Street. His sells a lot if sandwiches, coffee, & beer. Over the years, he’s been proactive in getting items to cater to the changing demographics of new immigrants, which is now mostly from El Salvador & Honduras. Recently he started revamping his merchandise layout. But the fact that the store is small & crime in the immediate neighborhood have hindered his attempts to bring the store out of the shadows.

      • Yeah I can see how that could be a problem. Well luckily for you, that’s what we’re about on Da Undercard. The whole purpose of the blog is to shine light on the little guys. Tell you what, email some photos of the bodega, give me a bit of background on the store, and the most popular item, and I’ll work it into the content line up.

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