Da Undercard Nightlife: Webster Hall


125 E 11th St New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-1600

There are many things about NYC that have an almost legendary status; pizza, traffic, tall buildings, rude locals, the birth of Hip Hop, and perhaps most popular, nightlife. It is in the spirit of all things legendary about this city that we at Da Undercard introduce you to: Webster Hall.

This place is practically a NYC nightlife landmark! Being in the game for years, Webster Hall has seen a lot of changes, but just like the City that never sleep, they keep pumping out the music, and people continue to come. The music is loud, the place is crowded, and your ears are probably throbbing from the bass blowing in your eardrums; this is what it’s all about. While the price isn’t cheap, and you may find yourself pissed off between the disgruntled security and the sea of human bodies, many of whom clearly lack deoderant, Webster Hall is an experience all it’s own. So if you’re looking to dance shoulder to pit eith people, or just wanna head loud music and people having fun, go to Webster Hall, tell them Doom sent ya, they may actually let you in!


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