$50 Dollar Dates: Spaced out in Korea Town



So…it’s Saturday night. The weather is hot, the sun is just beginning to go down, and the streets of NYC are filled with people dressed to impress. Unfortunately for you, these people have money and you don’t. So you figure what the hell, netflix and grub hub right? Maybe a little xbox 360? Well that sounds all well and good until get a message back from that hot college student/photographer you’ve been fawning over saying she wants to go out…with you. You have a crumpled twenty dollar bill in your back pocket, two fives, nine singles and an assortment of coins; what do you do?

Luckily for you, I have the answer. Pull out your unlimited metro card, scoop up your date, and take her to Korea Town. Located just outside of Herald Square (32nd st) Korea Town is one of those slices of New York that you may have passed and often never paid much attention to, but in fact it’s a one block strip of restaurants, bars, lounges, billiards and even karaoke…oh yes, karaoke.

Take a walk to both sides of the block, looking at the various shops and restaurants is an activity within itself. After you make your rounds, head to Space Billiards and shoot a game of pool. When you ride the elevator, you can hear the music blasting from several of the other party places located in the building. When the door opens, it opens to dope music and a cool, low key environment with reggae vibes.

It’s $19 an hour so if she’s good (and if you are too), you’ll get a few good games in; if not, you’ll get one or two but it’ll be fun regardless. After you get your game on, with your thirty bucks left, hit up the noddle shop located downstairs. Chow down on some delicious Korean food with your arsty female friend, and talk about the depth of nothingness, and Moma and things like that. If you know how to order (or just know how to budget) your tab shouldn’t run you more than 25 bucks. After that, walk your dinner off and walk to the outdoor seating area over by Macy’s and just shoot the breeze.

It’s fun, it’s creative, it left you with 5 bucks (or more) in your pocket, what’s not to like? 

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