NYC Word Bank: [ Insert word ] City!

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So, you just moved to New York…or maybe you’ve come here on vacation and want to return. Whatever the case is, one thing we can all agree on is that New Yorkers have unique ways of communicating with each other. My goal? To effectively translate the language barrier so you can not only understand what the hell we’re saying and not reach for your can of pepper spray, but talk like a New Yorker! I introduce to you….the NYC Word Bank!


Here’s your first word:



City- When City follows any word or words that isn’t the name of a City, it means the person is referring to a large amount of whatever the preceding word or words are, or in other words, a City full of whatever the preceding words are.


So, how do you use this new word and feel confident that you aren’t using it out of context (which could sometimes be fatal here)? Like this:


Person 1: Yo, you going to that house party in Brooklyn?

Person 2: Hell no, it’s grime city up in there! I ain’t cool with none of them!

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