Aaaaaah, to be single in the City right? There’s like…50 million people living on top of each other here, and a good 70% cram themselves into the subway everyday. The variety runs the gamut, the good, the bad, and the pretty damn bad (and occasionally the pretty damn good). The bars are flooded with single tourists and college students who are looking for a lay, as are the clubs. Getting laid in the big apple isn’t hard (or it shouldn’t be), but what happens when you want to find someone sober and for more than one night? You’d think that with so many people, there wouldn’t be so many singles right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. So where do you go when you don’t know where to go to find substance? Craigslist? Hardly. A blind date? That might work…maybe. You could always try your luck and go through the awkwardly challenging task of picking up someone on the street, but I mean, who really does that anymore? Everyone has headphones on, so they probably aren’t paying you any mind. So…what to do you say?

Well with the popularity of smart phones, and dating apps designed for said phones, talking to random strangers has never been easier, and now without the awkwardness of public rejection! And one such app in particular takes the cake when it comes to dating in NYC, and that app is OkCupid. OkCupid (or OKC as its also known) is like most dating apps in the sense that you create a profile, talk a bit about yourself and slap on a few of your most flattering photos (including that one that took you 15 minutes to get the perfect angle) and you’re basically set. But what makes this place noteworthy isn’t just the name (I mean, OkCupid? Really?) but the site features. OKC has a series of questions that test your personality attributes, that way they can measure your compatibility with other members. While some of the questions seem like they were written by bro’s (not like, five on the black hand side soul brother, more like “bro, do you even lift?”) the majority are legit. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your compatibility rates are.

Now, while some may feel that it takes the “get to know a person” factor out of the whole dating equation, I personally believe in it’s value. I mean let’s be honest, this is NYC; everything here is face value, and numbers typically don’t lie. By seeing how much of a match you have with someone, you can better judge whether or not it’s a go. Sounds good right? They even have a an events page (on the web version) in which you can go to events set up by both OKC and it’s users to meet new people. I mean nothing brings people together like an activity right? They even make it easy for you to be some kinda creep stalker. For a fee, you can upgrade your account and browse members anonymously; you can creep on their profile as many times as you wish and they’d be none the wiser. It even hass a broadcast message board where you can put up short public posts for all singles to see; it tells them who you are, and where you are, cool huh? Sadly, as with all good things, there comes a point where you reach the end and cross the border into whatthefuckville.

Their major setback sadly is their greatest benefit, and that’s the compatibility rating, because let’s be real..people lie sometimes. Often times, people put what they think they their potential matches want to hear, sometimes they put nothing at all. One of the most overlooked aspects of this is the relevance of the question. When you answer the questions, and choose which answers from others are acceptable, you have to choose how important it is that your answers measure up. The less the relevance, the broader the scope, I mean it’s essentially statistics. So you can come across members who you have a high compatibility with, but the places where you don’t measure up is usually something fundamental and thus ends up being nothing more than a false prospect. Then you also have the people who are just fake and full of shit; I mean, you’ve seen catfish…right?

Sadly, just like on catfish, people find it necessary to be someone else. But I mean what’s the logic in that right? How can you want to meet someone and not expect them to be pissed off when they find out you’re a fraud right? But I digress. The site has a bevy of singles, married people seeking infidelity, and the polyamorous, all more or less fitting into several general groups, from which point they’re further filtered down. I dunno about what kinda guys are on OKC, but as far as women, you have the whiskey, gin, and cigarette group, the party girls, the arsty types,PBR drinking hipsters, New York transplants from the midwest living in Brooklyn (figures), the bible thumping hypocrites, and the vegan, hippie, femenists. The irony in this (as it is with most dating site/apps) is that they same people who tend to not give you the time of day are the ones who end up on sites like this the longest, or as they say in Call of Duty “rage quit”.

All in all, if you’re strapped for time, keep odd hours, have a problem with being yourself, you’re game sucks, or maybe you’re just bored. Nothing is more entertaining than browsing through some of these profiles and seeing single people complain about getting stood up three times in the same day. This app should come with some popcorn for the show! All in all, it’s worth checking out, you never know who you might find, or who might find you! Oh and ladies, please…stop taking pictures with like five of your friends and putting them on your profile, I mean…you know how much it sucks trying to guess which on you are? Or being wrong (we always assume the hottest one, just being honest).


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