NYC Word Bank: Pop


There are some words that you should be attentive to when living in New York City; knowing these words can help you avoid a bad situation…or tell you when to take your phone out to record a bad situation. Since our goal is to help you identify these words (along with those others that you probably don’t know), here’s our second word for the bank, Pop.

Pop [off]- to instigate a argument or fight. To pop off is to engage in said argument or fight.

Who’d a guess that a three letter word could be equivalent to a yellow light? Well, this one sure enough is. But I’m sure you’re wondering “well, how will I know when someone is using that word in that context”? I got you covered.

Person A: Yo come with me real quick, I’m about to go see these motherfuckers

Person B: Oh word? You wanna pop with them?

Person A: Word

Person B: Bet, we out!

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