NYC Word Bank: Swipe


For those of you who have traveled NYC’s Subways (or those who bravely endeavor to), this term is one that you may have heard a lot  or may soon hear. That being said, it’s one that’s seldom used outside of the subways.

Swipe- a single fare on a MetroCard.

So, how is it used you say? Well like so:

Person A: Pardon me brother, but do you have an extra swipe?

Person B: Nah


Person A: Yo you wanna come chill in the crib?

Person B: Aite; but yo, I only got $2.50, can you swipe me on the way back uptown?

Person A: Hell no, your ass better walk!

Or even…

Person A: I got that two dollar swipe, two dollar swipe right here baby

You see? In all scenario’s they’re used in relation to the subway. Interesting fact is, that term isn’t used so much in relation to riding the bus, even though the MetroCard is used for both. Why you say? Hey, I don’t make the rules here; but I do welcome your opinions on the matter!



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