Worst of NYC: Jury Duty


There are a lot of things in NYC that can thoroughly piss you off. In my personal experience living in this City, nothing has pissed me off more than being summoned for jury duty. Why you ask? Well, that’s why we have for today’s Worst of NYC: Jury Duty.

Now, I know that serving as a juror is part of our “civic duty” as Americans. We represent the peers for those who find themselves standing trail in court. That being said, anybody ever actually look at who is chosen to be a juror? The process is one that seems like the ultimate waste of time, and when you find that you aren’t chosen and you just spent two days reading a Family Digest magazine from 2008 for no reason, it only pisses you off even more. Why do I seem so bitter about it? Well because quite simply I am!

The first time I received a summons, I was a Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan…so yeah I didn’t show up. Several years later, I received ANOTHER summons; this time I was out the Corps, however I was towards the end of a semester in college, and about to take my finals. So yeah, there goes my one postponement. Not three months later (and once again towards the end of a semester) I receive a summons yet again. I’m guessing they’re still pretty upset about the whole Japan incident.

So I show up to the courthouse on 100 Centre st, have my bag scanned and have  wand waved by a disgruntled court officer and then I’m on my way to the 15th floor. As I enter the jurors room, I suddenly feel a bit uneasy as every set of eyes in that room turn their attention to me. I find myself a seat behind these two pleasant looking Hispanic women and begin what is to be my jury duty experience.

So after sitting for a few and watching stragglers come in, a woman comes in and plays a movie about serving as a juror, it’s delightfully terrible, the production, the actors, just terrible. After its over, a man comes in and gives us directions; where to go, what to do/not do, why we’re here, reasons why we may be unable to serve (a few left as a result, sadly I wasn’t among them). After that we filled out our jurors forms and handed them up. After that point it was two days of “hurry up and wait”.

Occasionally a group  of people were called to serve, most of which came back; the only ones who didn’t return were probably chosen because they weren’t that bright (lawyers love that) or dickheads who more than likely said the wrong thing; maybe they were just really unlucky. Whatever the reason, while they were doing their thing, I spent two days finding the most comfortable position to sleep in my chair. On a lighter note, I’ll be getting a $80 check in six to eight weeks! A whole…80…dollars; nice.

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