Best of NYC: Arizona’s

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In a City like New York where you gotta pay an arm and a leg to lived cramped up over someone else for choice locations, there are very few good thing you can get for a buck, Arizona’s are one of them. Since 1992, they’re provided some of the best iced tea’s fruit juices, and mixed beverages you could get for a dollar. If you go into any corner store, deli, or bodega, you’ll probably see that Arizona products have their own section; and just like New York where the company’s headquarters is based, they’ve grown over the years.

Originally starting with green tea, they’ve expanded their line quite a bit. Now, they have a line of drinks called “Rickey’s” which the drew their inspiration from a similar drink made in Brooklyn. On top of that, they’ve recently introduced a new “Shaq Soda” line. Now, to be honest, I’m not sure how wise that was on Arizona’s part, because as any Native New Yorker who’s lived here the last two decades or more can tell you, Shaq’s products have a history of poor reception. I mean there was that lame game “Shaq-Fu”; oh and remember that time he tried rapping? That was splendidly awful. How about his sneakers? The ones that everyone clowned on back in the day, but not are going nuts over because they have “retro” slapped on ’em? I dunno man….I dunno.

Well, despite that poor maneuver, Arizona has done good by this City. And you know what the beauty of it all is? They have sooooooo many products, that you seldom ever see them all in the same store…ever. In fact, it seems that the variety changes as the local demographic does. Some Arizona’s you only see in certain neighborhood, but the way I see it, that;s the beauty of discovery. The sad news is, supposedly Arizona is raising the cost of their 23.5 oz cans of ambrosia; as if they weren’t making a killing off of our patronage already right? Well, until they raise the prices, go get you a nice 23.5 oz can of cold deliciousness! And if you like, snap a shot of your favorite flavor and tweet it to us!



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