Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum



Ahhh, Brooklyn, what a wonderful place is it not? For those of you who have spent any significant time in this City, you know that each borough has it’s own sort of Identity, Manhattan for example has quite a few! But Brooklynites have a way about them that’s unique to that area. Now that the hippies and artsy crowd from places like Colorado have made their way east, Brooklyn has transformed! It’s safe to say that Brooklyn is officially becoming “the place to be”, that being said, On the first Saturday of every month, the Brooklyn museum is the place to be!

See, this is how the story goes, every first Saturday of the month, the museum opens it’s doors to the public, so they can can see the various exhibits, free of cost; sounds good right? Oh, but it only gets better! In addition to the usual exhibits, they offer free admission to the various events they have, such as film viewings, music showcases, works shops, and other events. It’s like everything that people typically go and pay for in once place, and free! This months theme: Caribbean.

The events start at 5 pm, and the party goes on until closing (10 pm). How can this night get any better you ask? Why, I’ll tell you! Once the party inside clears out, the doors open to a large open space in front of the museum, with a viewing deck, seating areas, and several grass fields, all teeming with the hip and the cool. You can find people selling nutcrackers (see next word bank article for definition), ice cold water (or so it was when they got there), and even a food truck serving Caribbean food.

If you pull a Toucan Sam and follow your nose, you may even find you some choice greenery, but shhhh I never said that! All that awesomness being said, there is a word of advice; don’t linger around too long after the museum lets out, because everybody is dressed to impress (in their own sense of fashion) so fights do occasionally break out, and typically over women. But hey,that’s not what you’re there for anyways right?….right?





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