Best of NYC: Pigeon Brawls


You know, Sunday can be a pretty uneventful day in NYC; unless you’re a member of the LGBT crowd in which case it is. But for the rest of us, Sunday only means one thing…Monday. It’s the calm before the storm, the last lazy day of the week before you run through the gauntlet once again for the next five days. Β It’s a day of preparation, sobering up, and for those who party on Saturday and go to Church Sunday, atonement. Sounds pretty lame right? Who would’ve thought that one of this City’s most common figures could provide so much entertainment on a day like this?

Today as I looked out my window into the vast nothingness of the back lot, I happened upon quite the spectacle, a flock of pigeons tearing into garbage. Ok, so perhaps that’s not so fascinating right? You’d be right, if it weren’t for the fact that the pigeons were literally fighting each other over the garbage, it was a pigeon brawl! I quickly grabbed my phone and recorded this rare scene in the City. So why is it the best of NYC? Because where else will you see pigeons getting down in the back lot of the projects? Check out the video below!

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