NYC Word Bank: Mack


Once again, we find ourselves in the clutches of the mighty word bank! What’s today’s word you ask? Well my friend, it’s a quite common one. Today’s word is “Mack” (may also be seen as “mac”). So what does this word mean, and how is it used? I’m glad you asked. To mack is to talk to someone; it could be used in a casual sense, like between friends (chillin) or to flirt. So how can you tell their use apart? Like so:

A: Hey, you free later?

B: Nah, I’m gonna be mack’n with the homies


A: Damn! You see that?

B: Hell yeah I did; be right back, I’m gonna go mack with shorty before she crosses the street.

You see how that works? Try it on for size!


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