Who is this guy?


So, this isn’t the usual kind of thing that you’d see on Da Undercard, however it’s something I found odd and figured I’d share with you guys to see if it’s just me. So that being said, I was watching U-571 on HBO Family earlier this morning (how it wound up on that channel, I dunno). U-571 is one of my favorite movies, and I must’ve seen it like a thousand times since it came out in 2000 (second only to Enemy At The Gates). As I was watching it towards the end, I noticed something I never noticed before. At exactly 1:42:12 you see a guy that I haven’t seen once since they boarded the German sub (he’s the one with the light shining just above his head)! Here’s a screen shot for those who have seen the movie. Perhaps they forgot to edit him out?



2 responses to “Who is this guy?

    • Really? Nice, I never knew that! I figured that they probably forgot to edit him out; it was funny how he kinda just appeared. My guess is that the shot was done before the ones for the preceding events.

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