Who’s bigger than Big Dre?

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In the world of Hip Hop, there are a lot of producers out there making a claim to fame; each one trying to establish themselves as a powerhouse of instrumentals. Some of these producers have been in the game for a few months, others for several years! Yet each one has something unique to offer. Today, we focus on one of NYC’s own…Big Dre. I got a chance to interview Big Dre, and this is what he had to say, check it out!

Doom: So, Big Dre, how long you’ve been producing for now?

Big Dre: Like eight years now…eight years.  I’m just another producer out of New York City trying to make it happen.

Doom: alright alright; well that being said, are there any beats that you’ve made that stand out among the others?

Big Dre: Um, I’m gonna say this one joint I did for Big Ooh back then; probably like three our four years ago. It was this track called “King”, he didn’t put it on the mixtape, but he sent it back and I was hype! Because it was my first big joint…to me it was my first big joint. Not everybody got to hear it, but it was the one that like, I could say “yeah, I got something”. It was like a door opener for me.

Doom: That’s whats up! So let me ask you, what was it that made you even want to be a producer?

Big Dre: I love music. Like, that’s cliche like everybody else but…it’s just… I mean when you grow up as a kid, you love hearing the beats from your favorite artists. You don’t necessarily listen to the lyrics because you’re so young, but you love the beat. For me it’s the love of the beat; everything, the melody, the instruments. I was always a big fan of Hip Hop and R&B. The older I got, the more I got into lyrics, but it was always the beat. At first, I wanted to be a DJ, but I couldn’t do that, I didn’t have the equipment, so when I found out a lot of DJ’s are also producers, I was like alright, let me make some beats. That’s when I started making some beats, and from there on…it was over!

Doom: Nice! So who would you say is an inspiration for you as a producer?

Big Dre:  Oh there’s a few!

Doom: Go ahead and name some.

Big Dre:  Um…damn there’s so many! How about this, you call them out, and I’ll say yeah or nah.

Doom: Aight, J Dilla

Big Dre: Yes

Doom: Scott Storch?

Big Dre: Not so much Scott Storch, I mean I like him, but not so much…

Doom: I don’t even have to ask this question, but [Dr.] Dre?

Big Dre: Of course! There’s no question, like that’s Dr. Dre, he’s the best you know? And I’m not even naming myself Big Dre because of him, it just happens that my name is the same name as his. Large Professor, Heatmakers, Havoc from Mobb Deep, Neptunes, Alchemist, Just Blaze, Keith Rock, Premier, he’s on of my favorites.

Doom: He’s one of everyone’s favorites (laughs), that the man right there!

You heard it from the man himself! Be sure to check out the homie Big Dre! Tell him Doom sent ya!

Twitter: @TheRealBIGDRE

Instagram: bigdre

Facebook: BIG D.R.E

Soundcloud: BIG D.R.E

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