Do you even fashion?


New York City, the center for all things…well everything, from food to fashion, film to music. Everything that’s anything eventually finds its way here (assuming that it didn’t originate here). So its no surprise  to see people wearing similar styles and brands. When all things trendy knocks at our door, as New Yorkers, we’re often inclined to answer. But what happens when you don’t want to blend in with the crowd, but rather…stand out? Well, in the spirit of fashion week, I bring you one such person, and his name is Redeemer Resk’Que.

Now, I dunno what your idea of the American dream is, but his is one that others should emulate because his creativity and tenacity has lead him to success. He took his first steps towards the road he presently traverses while in College. During that time, he rose to the title of editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper which combined with his involvement in other extracurricular activities lead him to become the student body president.  You’d think that one would be content with all of this right? Well, not him! In addition to the aforementioned accomplishments, he also started his first charitable organization while still in College, All About Edu-tainment (AAE), the purpose of which is to make a difference in the lives of young adults through art, entertainment, and education. Since then, he’s made it his mission to stand out where everyone else tried to fit in.

Now, Resk’Que isn’t just known for his charitable nature or College endeavors; he is a respected across a range of fields which include the music industry, small business industry, as well as the fashion industry. He is a music producer, fashion director (which includes production for fashion week in New York, Milan and Paris), as a fashion publisher and editor of FashionTrend Magazine in addition to iFashion Network; quite a few hats he wears under his turban isn’t it? In response to why he is involved in so many different fields, his says “I love the creation. I would be just as passionate being involved in a construction or architecture project. That feeling you get when you build something and take a step back to take it all in, that is what I love most in life.” You gotta admire a guy like that, he is driven by the thrill of creation, not monetary gain, which in conjunction with his fashion sense makes him a much sought after guy.

Resk’Que has a book titled “Swaggerism: My religion” which comes out in the Fall season, so be sure to check it out! You can find out more about Resk’Que and what he does at the following places:

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