I am Ashley J. Are you?


There’s a lot of female MC’s in the game these days. Some are truly exceptional artists who strive to be better at their craft, others are pretty lack luster and thrive by their fan factor (a lot of you fellas do this too). That being said, there comes the rare artists who make music for the purpose of just making music. No gimmicks, no agendas, just good, ol’ fashioned hip hop music. Today, I introduce to you guys one such artist, and her name is Ashley J. Ashley (@IamAshelyJ) a Harlem native, has been in the game for some time now, yet has still managed to maintain a style and image all her own.

While many of her compatriots often sell out to the image that is sought after in the music industry, Ashley has been…well, Ashley! Typically, you can classify her music as party music, with tracks such as “Grand Cru” and “Compton”; but then she shocks everyone with tracks like “Heisenberg” which is tough as nails (and one of my personal favs). I got the opportunity to interview Ashley J and pick her brain a bit, this is what she had to say.

Doom: So, tell everyone a bit about yourself, who you are, what you represent.

Ashley J: I’m Ashley J; that’s me, that’s my brand, that’s who I am. Um..I’m Ashley J (smiling).

Doom: So, what do you do Ashley J?

Ashley J: (Sighs)…I live (laughs), that’s what I do; um, what do I do? I write music, edit videos,..I like to watch friends on Netflix (laughs) you know? I like to be in media and work with media so, I do everything. Right now I’m rapping.

Doom: Cool cool; so tell us about some of the projects you’ve been working on.

Ashley J: The last thing that I’m proud of is, I helped cast the new host of 106 & Park. And, where I found one of my favorites, and I pitched her and now she’s on TV. That’s my sorror, shout out to the AKA’s (laughs).

Doom: That’s whats up! So, you’ve done work in TV and stuff?

Ashley J; Yup, did work in TV and…doing some music; writing, producing.

Doom: So tell us about some of your tracks.

Ashley J: They suck (laughs), um…its just a bunch of music where I’m talking about stuff…in my head; stuff that goes on around me. So it’s a lot of me, writing down my thoughts and…MAKING BEATS! To accompany those thoughts, they actually turn up so…

Doom: Cool, so who would you say are some of your influences, not just in music, but in terms of media and all that stuff: who could you say inspired you to do what you do today?

Ashley J: My mother (laughs), uh..no..um..the people who inspired me besides my mother, like musically..like hip hop; fucking Tupac, its funny because I used to love Tupac. I draw influence from Ice Cube, post NWA, pre we be clubbin. Shout out to him because he was the inspiration for Compton. Tupac, Ice Cube, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Led Zepelin, mostly John Bonham on the drums, um…Greenday. I draw influences from not just rap, but hip hop, rock, rap, pop…electro shit. I make music that I like, and I like a lot of music.

So there you have it guys, Ashley J for ya. Also as an added bonus, I’ve left you guys with a bit of a present, here’s Ashley J’s “Heisenberg” for ya, enjoy the eargasms! (And I hope you have multiples 😉 )


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