“Girl, you knew I was a dog when you walked me!” The happy story of Happy Panters LLC


Happy Panters LLC

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri, 9 am-7 pm (weekends available upon request)

Christina: 347-541-0545 Latoya: 347-217-4743


They say that every dog has its day right? Well, if you have a four legged companion in NYC, that day could be seven days a week! Now, for those of you who have been faithful readers since day one (and those who are just joining the Da Undercard family) my goal is to support independent work and entrepreneurship, so this was a story I simply couldn’t pass up sharing with you guys. Happy Panters is a pet service company started by Christina Brooks and Latoya Stephenson; along with their Shih Tzu companion “Snuggles”. Together, their goal has been to provide NYC with premium services to our furry friends through dog walking, sitting, grooming, training, and boarding just to name a few of what these two…*ahem* these three (sorry Snuggles) have to offer. As pet owners themselves, they feel that the key to a successful relationship between us and our four legged companions is compassion, patience, communication, and most importantly…love.

Being in business for over two and a half years, they know that sometimes, our dogs just need a little extra TLC (not T Boz, Left Eye, and Chili for the record), and they are more than glad to offer that. Be it a nice walk, or a belly rub, or just a person to give their paw to, they do it all, with enough tenderness to make theirs furry friends owners jealous! So, if you’re going out of town, or you just want someone to play fetch with Fido while you’re banging your head against the desk in your cubicle, give them a call, and tell them Doom sent ya!


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