I am Da Undercard, are you?

Da Undercard TeeDa Undercard Hoodie Da Undercard Baseball Tee

So, as many of you know, Da Undercard represents the little guy. We are the people; the starving artists, the independent film makers, we are those who dared to dream big, who stood out when everybody else wanted to fit in. Well, one thing I realized over the we’ve been in operation is, you guys are too! Yes you, the faithful reader; together, we represent an emerging force in a society that has creatively has grown stagnant over the years. Trends are set at the top and diffused down to us at the bottom; well no longer! It’s time we set the trend; it’s time that those of us at the bottom rise up and influence those at the top! It’s in this spirit that I introduce to you all, Da Undercard apparel; show the world that you are a leader among followers. An innovator among the consumers; show the world that you are part of that emerging force. Remember guys, there would be no main event without us, Da Undercard; it’s time to put the focus on us. My name is Deezy and I am Da Undercard, are you? For more information, send an email to daundercard@gmail.com


4 responses to “I am Da Undercard, are you?

    • Thanks 🙂 I do appreciate it. I had set out to make this before the class, found the means to make it happen in class, and now I’m keeping the fire burning afterwards. Gotta love when a plan comes together

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