NYC Word Bank: Feels



So, I hear that a lot of people have a hard time understanding what us New Yorkers say, I guess I can understand that though. See, what people often fail to realize is that our “slang” if you will is designed to fit a lot into a short period of time; after all, the New York minute is only 40 seconds. So here goes another one of those words that say a whole lot in a bit: Feels

Feels is one of those words that can be applied in a variety of scenarios; what scenarios you say? Well…try these for example.


A. Yo, you wanna go to the club this weekend? I hear it’s gonna be live!

B. Nah bro, no can do. I gotta take care of some personal things…

A. Feels, aite then be easy bro.




A. (On the street) Hey what’s up? How you been? I haven’t spoken to you in a minute! You got a sec?

B. Sorry, but I’m in a rush.

A. Oh, feels.

B. Yeah, but you got my math right? Hit me up later


Or even…


A. We gotta do better, just getting by ain’t enough anymore, we gotta elevate!

B. Word, feels.


You see? Anytime you are in agreement with, or understand where someone is coming from, it’s so much more convenient to reply with a simple “feels”. There, now try it on for size!

2 responses to “NYC Word Bank: Feels

  1. hi there, as we’ve said before, we really enjoy your blog. just this week my pub overheard her teen son and friend use the “in a minute” statement you have above. one said I haven’t seen you in a minute. She was confused by it. Many thanks for bridging the communication gap, xo LMA

    • LMA, it’s wonderful people like you who make what I do all the more worth it! Being a native much like yourself, I’ve heard how the language evolved, and it continues to evolve on the daily! My intend with the word bank was exactly as you said, bridging the communication gap. At times I even find that there are words/phrases in circulation that throw me off, so I figured that by doing this, more people would have an understanding of what it is we say, even if it isn’t incorporated in their own day to day conversations. As always, thank you for being amazing LMA – JD

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