Ooh la la! La Tropezienne Bakery



La Tropezienne Bakery

2131 First Ave, East 110th St.


Open 7 days a week 6am-8pm



Aaahhh, French bakeries; croissants, French bread, and other delicious pastries. There was once a time where you'[d have to travel all the way downtown to a specialty shop to get a taste of France; but now, as Spanish Harlem is being built up, more and more specialty shops are beginning to appear, La Tropezienne is one of them. When I discovered La Tropezienne, I was just leaving my storage unit on 110th St and 1st ave, after searching for a couple of my cookbooks, and one of the bottles of shower gel I had stored in there. As I was walking down, I saw a warm light come out of this storefront, it wasn’t the largest place, but the light seemed inviting amid the darkness that is 109th St in the evening hours. As I looked in the window, there was a line of people standing in front of one of the two counters they have, I knew this was destiny.

As I opened the door, a rush of warm air carrying the scent of freshly baked breads and pasteries filled my nose. As I was watching what the people who were in line ahead of me, I noticed a trend among them, they were all ordering bread…BREAD! Now, you’d think that will the whole health conscious, carb counting thing going on these days, people would be a bit apprehensive about ordering bread right? Well, not here. They were buying loaves of bread, and by loaves I don’t mean all together, each individual person was buying several loaves of bread! It blew my mind, “what could be so good about bread?” When it was finally my turn, I found out for myself.

The Madeleines were sweet and delicious, the bread (which seems to bring people by the droves) was incredibly soft and had a subtle sweetness, coupled by the maitre d’ butter that they slather on both sides of the bread before they package it and give it to you. I had tried the batard, and the their baguette (which seems to fly off the bakery racks) and I was thoroughly impressed. I can honestly say, that was the first time in my life that I ate that much bread in one sitting, definitely worth the long run that I had taken the next day to work off those carbs. But not to worry, much to you surprise, these delicious baked goods are gluten free!

And while baguettes are what seem to draw the traffic, these guys have a wide array of delectable’s to offer. In addition to the breads, they have many cookies, and cakes; take their Tropezienne heart for example,  a sugared brioche filled with Tropezienne cream topped with almonds and powdered sugar, doesn’t that sound wonderful? They also offer food items like sandwiches, quiches, and other delicious items, and if the tastes doesn’t win you over, the prices certainly will. You’d think that such deliciousness would cost you an arm and a leg right? Well, not here, these guys are affordable! Aren’t you glad I told you about this? C’mon, who loves ya? Eh? Eh?

So stop by La Tropezienne and tell em Da Undercard sent ya, they might just hook you up with a baguette or something, but if not, you’ll still walk out of there with a smile, and the scent of delicious baked goods lingering on your clothes.


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