NYC Word Bank: Minute


“In a New York minute”, a phrase that many of you may be familiar with. What is a New York minute you ask? Well, it’s actually less than the standard 60 seconds; in fact, it’s more like 45 seconds to be honest. I mean, it would only make sense right? With all the hustle and bustle going on, people always in a rush to go nowhere here. With that being said, are you ready for a red pill/blue pill scenario? What if I told you, that in NYC, a minute isn’t always just a minute (in both universal and NYC time standards)? What if I told you that a minute can in fact represent any period of time longer than its name would imply? This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill- your reading ends, you go back to your reader looking for interesting posts, articles, or whatever else you were doing prior to this. You take the red pill- and you stay on this page, and I show you how long a minute can be…

*fast forward a few scenes*

Ok, so you’re still here! Wonderful. Welcome to the minute, a period of time that is longer than the period of time implied. How could this be so you ask? Well, this is NYC my friend! Anything is possible here. As mentioned before, a minute isn’t just a minute, it can be any period of time. Typically it’s used in that manner, especially when a substantial period of time has elapsed between events, say…a meeting between friend, or washing laundry (gross), or band rehearsal…pretty much anything you could think of! “But Deezy, how would I use that in the context you speak of?”, well my good friends, I’m here for you. As with all of my word bank entries, I take the guesswork out of it so you can easily incorporate these words into your vocabulary. So here you go, these are a few examples:

Person A: Yooooo!!!! What’s good? I haven’t seen you in years!

Person B: Yeah, it’s been a minute!


Person A: *sniffs the air* Mmmm, babe, are you making your *insert dish* again?

Person B: Yeah, I haven’t cooked that in a minute, so I figured it’s long overdue.

Or even

Person A: Damn, I knew it! I told your ass we should’ve left at 11:30 so we can get to the club before the line gets crazy, now we’re gonna be standing in line for a minute!

Person B: Man, fuck out my ear with all that noise!

And finally

Person A: Make sure you clean your room!

Person B: Ok Mom, in a minute!

*30 minutes pass*

Person A: Did you clean your room yet?

Person B: Shit….Uh, I’m cleaning it right now Mom! *lies*

So you see? In all scenarios, a minute isn’t actually a “minute”, but rather an either unknown or unspecific period of time that’s longer than an actual minute. So go ahead, take a minute to soak that in (no pun intended).


2 responses to “NYC Word Bank: Minute

    • There is indeed a bit of Matrix, it seemed to fit in quite well given the content. I like to make writing fun, so throwing in a Matrix reference seemed to make it so 🙂

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