Deezy’s Poutine


Oh Canada, you’ve given us so much. Jim Carrey, maple syrup…um…ok, so I can’t think of too many things that have come out of Canada (good things anyways); but there’s one in particular I’m sure all of us Yanks can appreciate, Poutine! For those who don’t know, Poutine is like, Canadian junk/snack food, only it’s really good…like, really, really good. In fact, I dare say that it puts out cheese fries to shame. So what is this amazing Canadian contribution you ask? I’ll tell ya! Poutine is fries, smothered in cheese/cheese curds (can also be in a sauce), and gravy. Simple enough right? I would agree! And sometimes, it’s the simple things that give us the greatest pleasure in life; this is definitely one of em.

You can find them in several places around the City, one place in particular is Pommes Frites (see the post on Pommes Frites for more info). However, the ones you see in the picture are my own spin on it. While I won’t divulge the particulars as to how I put it together. My version contains three different types of cheese, white cheddar, asiago, and good ol’ American cheese (sorry Canada). As for the gravy, I kept it simple. While I used McCormick’s brown gravy mix, I’m sure just about any brand will suffice. The result was…well, what you see here. The cheese cause coupled with the brown gravy go together surprisingly well! And the starchy consistency of the fries put it all together. So there you have it folks, Poutine.


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