Da Undercard Nightlife: Providence NYC



Club Providence – 311 West 57th Street, NY NY 10019

(Btwn 8th & 9th Avenues)

Ahh, NYC. The capital of the world. You can find virtually anything you want, and in abundance at that. So its no surprise that the nightlife here is unparalleled right? Of course I’m right! And that’s why today, I bring you Providence NYC. Now, NYC is known for its nightlife, in fact it’s famous for it. The lights, the music, the seas of sweaty people spilling drinks, and stepping on your nice pair of shoes; gotta love it! But with so many choices, where do you go? Well that’s why we at Da Undercard are here for friends, to take the guesswork out of it, and tonight I say, Providence.

Providence NYC is unlike any club I’ve seen in the City, it looks like a cross between a ballroom, a lounge, and a Yacht club. The result is an environment that is elegant, yet inviting. Everything about this place says classy, they enforce the dress code, the furniture is stylish, definitely a well put together place! The music is generally of the top 40, pop, house, Hip Hop variety, but depending on who’s spinning will affect how much of what you will hear. As with all clubs, the bottle service is kinda steep, but luckily for you, not terribly so! And they offer 2 for 1 drinks until 11pm. Not that anyone will be there that early, but her you never know right?

All in all, I definitely recommend this place; good music, good people, good fun! If you’re visiting the City, or if you’re a local who feels it’s too cold for rooftop parties, tired of dancing in your underwear with your cat, or maybe just have some coin to spare and are looking for a good time, this place is definitely it! And if you happen to visit Atlantic City, check out the Providence nightclub over there as well!

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