$50 Dollar Dates: Iced out at Bryant Park


And the snoooow, I see it falling. And The kiiiiid, I see him bawling. Lalalalalaaaa, hmmhmmhmmhmmhmmmm, walking in a winter wonderlannnnnd. Ok, so perhaps I don’t know the actual lyrics to that song, but you know what I do know? $50 dollar dates! Recently, a lot of people have been asking me when I’ll be doing another one, so here you go! And just in time for the holiday season. You know it’s Christmas time when you see the tree guys setting up shop, even if they don’t have the trees yet. Anyways, I was thinking about one that is festive, and yet still fun, and I do believe I’ve found just the thing, ice skating.

Now as always, this date doesn’t factor in transportation costs, but if you have your Metrocard fully gassed up, that shouldn’t be much of an issue. That being said, head down to Bryant Park to check out Bank of America’s winter wonderland. It’s fun, full of people, and best of all, it’s free! Now as every New Yorker knows, nothing is truly free, and such is the case with this. While there is no fee to hit the ice, unless you BYOS (bring your own skates), which if you’re like me and don’t hit the ice frequently enough to own a pair, it’ll run you $14 a pair. So say you’re with that special someone, and instead of going Dutch, you get stuck with the bill.  No worries, even with dropping $28 on the skates, you still have $22 left! Doesn’t sound like much though does it? It’s cool, I gotcha; I know just the place to make that money stretch!

So you’ve been skating for a while now, and you’re finally tired of busting your ass on the ice, while people are doing figure eight’s and triple axle’s around you. Cool, turn in your skates and walk towards fifth ave to go to Rickshaw Dumpling Bar.


While there, take advantage of all the warmth to heat up from the frigid cold outside, that was keeping your bruised bottom (and pride) intact. Order a medium dumplings, and two medium orders of the soup noodles to accompany your dumplings. You know what the best part about it is? You still have some scratch left for dessert! Try an order of the Chocolate Shanghai Soup Dumplings, in total it should run you $16.07 (not including tax & tip); so while you’re having a good laugh at your time on the ice, and eating your food, you can feel good knowing that your tailbone is the only thing you may have broke, not the bank.


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