Pay that’s higher than the prices: Fast food & minimum wage

mstreet-wellington strike 4


Ahh, McDonald’s. They say “I’m lovin it” We say “munch munch” and a slew of muffled words as we’re scarfing down a large order of salty fries that may or may not be hot but we’re to hungry to care. It’s fast (sometimes), and it’s affordable (although not as much as it used to be). But you may be in for a bit of a surprise as you’re going to get your two egg McMuffins and a large coffee this morning. Mc’Donald employees (along with several other large fast food chains) are on strike today as they are fighting for a higher minimum wage. I guess I can’t really blame them, considering that their hourly wages is about the same as your bacon and cheese quarter pounder meal.

It’s no surprise that most employees at the home of the Big Mac are a tad bit disgruntled, I mean…think about any time you’ve ever gone to a Mc’Donalds in the City. You have that 20 something college student, working long hours for shitty wages, dealing with all walks of City life. The look on her face, you can tell she’s feeling some kind of way; and today, she’s not even there, because she’s outside holding up signs asking for higher wages. The employees are asking for their minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour, as it is virtually impossible to live off of seven bucks and change. In addition to that, another one of their demands is that they are able to establish a union without fear of retaliation.

So what does the fast food monger has to say about this? Well, McDonalds feels that they offer competitive pay, but then lets really think about it, what’s competitive about minimum wage? On the flip side, given the sort of job it is, and in comparison to other more strenuous jobs, is it worth $15 an hour? Would that seem a bit unreasonable given the kind of job it is? What’s your take on the issue? I’d love to hear your input!




3 responses to “Pay that’s higher than the prices: Fast food & minimum wage

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  2. It’s not unreasonable at all. Anyone who competently performs any job deserves better than a poverty wage. Especially from a company that is making millions on the backs of their underpaid employees..

    • I would agree with you on that. It definitely seems like it’s a big dog/ little dog fight, and I would also agree that anyone who competently performs in any job deserves a livable wage. That’s not necessarily my argument though, my question is, based on that particular field in comparison to others that arguably are more demanding, would higher wages in the fast food industry equate to higher or at least comparable wages for others? While I feel that the minimum wage here in NYC is ridiculous and not enough to maintain the most basic of necessities in a City like this, would it not stand to reason that if McDonalds employees get an increase in pay, shouldn’t everyone else? I mean if their pay rivals that of more demanding industries, more people would be inclined to work in the fast food industry due to better pay, less employment requirements, wouldn’t that only be feeding the same machine that’s underpaying their employees to begin with?

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