Deezy’s pistachio crusted catfish with chili-lime corn


You know, I’ve been told that there are some countries that eat dogs; dogs? Why would anyone want to stick a fork into mans best friend (aside from desperation and extreme poverty)? Perhaps they’re a country of cat lovers? Or…extremely creepy cat ladies? If a cat is their best friend on land, then perhaps the catfish is a mermaid’s friend in the sea?
I dunno where I was going with this logic, but one thing I do know is that if mermaids do exist (and are in fact catfish lovers), they must hate me, because I LOVE catfish! In my stomach of course. These fishy friends, named for their feelers called “barbels” which resemble the whiskers of a cat, are quite popular. A southern delicacy of sorts, these guys are often served up fried and crispy, which is exactly how I like it!

I took these bad boys and cut em up into “nuggets” so they can be eaten by hand, or with a fork. Then, I seasoned em up with a blend of ******, *****, ******, ***** seasoning, ***** powder, *** ***, **** juice, and a couple of other ingredients to make it finger lickin’ good. After letting the catfish marinate for 24 hours, I took a box of McCormick Cajun fish fry, and crushed 12 pistachios, and mixed them together. Put em in some hot oil, and my friend you have yourself some fried catfish!

To accompany it, I made some chili-lime corn which…I don’t mean to toot my own horn but, damn that was good!


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