Raise a glass to New York Beer Company


321 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
(212) 245-2337

Ahhh, beer; liquor’s ugly best friend. Isn’t much on the eyes, and doesn’t quite measure up to the more sought after liquor, but isn’t as expensive, and will still treat you right. Beer has gone where liquor hasn’t, football, baseball, well just about every sport really; oh and lets not forget it’s the namesake in “beer pong”, so it is great to see that a New York establishment gives the beverage its dues, and this place is…well, by now I’m sure you already know (look at the photo if you’re not certain). So what makes this places different from all the dimly lit, after hours, 20 something and up bars that are spread across this City like chicken pox? Or those trendy microbreweries and beer gardens that seem to be all the rave? Well, it isn’t just the large selection of craft beers, or the large screen tv’s showing all the games, and it definitely isn’t their prices (they can be a bit steep depending on what you order). No my friends, what sets them apart is the FOOD!

Now, for those of you who’ve been following along this epic journey with me, you know I enjoy good food; in fact, food, and my recommendations of places which serve it make up a good portion of what I put up here! But this place….oh this place here, the quality of food matches their variety of drinks, and that’s no understatement. As mentioned before, in addition to their large selection of craft beers, they also have a huge menu with all sorts of delicious appetizers, main courses, and desserts, that paired with the right beer (and you have plenty of options there buddy), will have your stomach thanking you! If it’s just you going there, you’d do good with just an appetizer alone, I mean the prices aren’t “cheap”, but you definitely get what you pay for; in fact, if they raised the prices (just a bit) I wouldn’t even be mad! Their buffalo chicken…toast…thing, ok so I don’t remember what it’s called, but I do remember that it was incredible!

It was buffalo chicken with creamy cheese, and toast wedges perfectly cut and toasted where you could scoop up the goodness, and not break you teeth, or have it fall apart just before it reaches your mouth. I really wish I remembered what that particular appetizer is called, but what I do remember is the lasting impression the taste left on my taste buds. If I were to die and come back as anything, I’d want to come back as one of the chickens that they use in that dish, so I could give someones mouth the same satisfaction that the Governor’s Ball givers party goers and EDM enthusiasts.

For those of you who like their meat a bit more red, they also have a large selection of burgers, steaks, pork, and all sorts of other delectable dishes, even their dessert menu deserve attention! Not I’m not a huge fan of Nutella (sue me), but they have a “Nutella pizza”….yes, wrap your head around that, Nutella pizza. I’m just saying, they put as much attention into making their menu as they did their beer collection, so while you might come for the drinks, you may end up staying for the food, and believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

2 responses to “Raise a glass to New York Beer Company

    • Likewise LMA, Happy New Year to you as well! And thank you for the compliment. I do enjoy a good meal, but a lot of times, the wrong environment can ruin the experience. So when I look for places to write about, I often look from the perspective of “if I were anyone else, would I want to eat here?” That’s sort of my filter if you will. The other part of it is not just talking about what is good, but why. What’s “good” is subjective, so without being more detailed in the attributes that make whatever is being deemed good actually seem so, how else would you know if it is? I mean, other than actually trying it for yourself of course. But as always, thank you for your praise, and I’m looking forward to a fun and productive 2014 for us all.

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