Best Of NYC: Food Delivery Apps


It’s 2 am; you’ve been cramming for that final that you have in a few hours, but didn’t study sooner because you were too busy getting piss drunk with your buddies at some hole in the wall bars trying to convince some unfortunate gal that you’re related to somebody famous, and if she slept with you she’d meet that person (as if it would work). You’re fighting off sleep and a lack of focus by tapping you pen/pencil on your notebook as you’re staring at your notes…not really reading, just staring. You start half humming/half singing the lyrics to a song that you like and decide that it’s a good idea to look up the video on YouTube; “maybe this’ll get me focused” you think as you search for the video. After watching the video, you decide to scroll through the comments and laugh at all the trolls that successfully piss off easy prey with their ignorance. After spending 10 minutes going through several hundreds of comments dating back several months, and watching a few cat videos, and other random things that entertain people who go to the site looking for nothing in particular, you realize that it’s almost 3 am, and that bowl you smoked about an hour ago is kicking in…you’re hungry. You go through your kitchen drawer containing all of your take-out menus (many of which come from the same place) only to find out that all of them have been closed for a few hours now. You tell yourself that you’re going to get dressed and go on a hunt for some food, but when you look out the window to see if the streets are clear, you see some mean looking dudes who might wanna make a snack out of you; what do you do?

Next scenario:

It’s 11:45 am; you’re at work pretending that you’re working by moving around a lot/shuffling papers at your desk/ typing a random assortment of letters that sound like you’re actually doing work, only to delete them and repeat the process; nobody can blame you really, your large coffee has already worn off and you’re trying to keep your eyes open. “Gotta just make it till lunch” you pep talk to yourself as you fake the funk. Suddenly, your boss appears at your work-space with enough work to have you busy till next week. “I need this done before you clock out today” says your boss while walking away before you get the chance to utter a word. You look at the time, almost time for lunch; you know there’s no way in hell you’ll be able to get this done by the end of the day unless you work through your crappy 15 minute lunch break. That being said, you also know that if you don’t put some food in your system, you wont get much of anything done anyway. You start running the numbers in your head; it takes about five minutes to walk to the nearest fast food establishment, about seven minutes to order, pay for, and receive your food, and maybe…MAYBE three minutes back if you move at a brisk pace. Either way, the math doesn’t work in your favor because that leaves you no time to actually eat your food. It’s 11:55 and you go on break at 12:15, what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?

Well, in both scenarios if you have a smartphone, or at the very least internet access, you can get some delicious food delivered to you. Thanks to a lack of time (or in many cases laziness), you can order whatever you want to eat online, from just about anywhere in the immediate area and have it delivered to ya. In a City like New York, where hardly everyone cooks anymore, but everyone eats, and time is of the essence, food delivery services like GrubHub and Seamless have made a killing! Catering to those late night college cram students, non cooking movie night at home dates, and office workers with little to no time to grab a bite (possibly due to their own procrastination). Whatever the reason, these services have changed the way we eat, and how we eat at that. Maybe today you want Italian, but tomorrow Mexican, no problem! That special someone of yours can’t cook if someone held them at gun point with the only requirement for their survival is to boil pasta? No problem! Just add their address to your list of address where you’ll get delivery and BOOM! No more burnt food for you, and more time spent on….well, whatever else you may find yourself doing *wink wink*.

It is for this reason that these apps are the best of NYC; because lets face it, some days you just don’t want to cook and walking to the nearest takeout restaurant can seem like a journey when you’re home all comfy in your underwear and socks.  They’re easy to use, you can pay in cash or credit, hell even PayPal now (GrubHub), and you’ll have some nice fellow probably working his second or third job of the day bring your food to your door…unless you live in the projects, in that case you might have to hit the lobby for that.


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