Pop up at the Pop Up Shop



So, not too long ago, I was invited to cover an event by a friend of a friend; little did I know that it would turn out to be one of the dopest things I’ve seen in some time. As most of you know by now, I cater to the independent, the entrepreneurs, “Da Undercard’s” in their respective fields. What you may not realize that behind this blog is an actual company of which the name comes from (Da Undercard LLC). I am one of those independent type that both I and my company cater to, so when I saw that this event was a collaborative effort between link minded groups in the fashion industry, I was beyond excited! Basically, the pop up shop was organized by several independent clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessory companies that come together and host an event in which they sell their wares, and make it a fun event by having live entertainment, performances, and for course…a mini bar.

But it wasn’t so much the drinks, and the music (both of which were great by the way), that really drew my attention, but the sheer talent of which each group of designers that to bring to the table. There were several companies in attendance such as FrantzyFace clothing, Intimate Grind, Blue Alert, Ambiance Couture Bowtie, and Beads of Hope just to name a few. Each of them brought their A game with them, and made the event a memorable one. It had a huge turn out, choc full of like minded individuals who cam to browse and purchase their products; believe me when I say that I was fortunate when given the opportunity to cover this. These are just some of the pictures I snapped at the event.

























Now, while these aren’t all the photos photos from that day (believe me there were quite a few), these capture the essence of what it was all about; good people, good fashion, good fun.  So now you’re probably wondering, “where can I find these designers, and when is the next event”? Well, while I don’t have the answer to the latter (yet), I do have the answer to the former. These are the links to some of the designers from the event. They’re all independent companies that truly show that with a good idea and a lot of dedication, anything is possible.





So look em up, check em out, and keep checking out DaUndercard.com for more info, and maybe I’ll see you at the next Pop up shop! Also, be sure to look out for the video from the Pop up shop coming soon!

3 responses to “Pop up at the Pop Up Shop

    • Thank you! It’s y’all who are really the best; all of what I do would mean nothing if awesome folks like you didn’t take the time to read it. And yes, I do a lot of promoting for others, it’s essentially what my vision for Da Undercard is. There’s a lot of raw talent out here with little exposure, people try so hard to find their voice amid all this mainstream competition and usually end up being drowned out. I just try and amplify their voices a bit 🙂

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