Living Single? Try Living Social!



    We are liiiiiiivvviiiiiiiinnnggggg, siiinggglllleeeeeeeeee!!! While it’s no longer a 90’s kind of world (not counting Hipsters) and women seem to hate each other more than men (again, not counting Hipsters), it’s good to know that single living is still feasible in a City like New York. In fact, it seems that being single is not such a bad option considering how expensive it is to live in a City like New York, and how expensive the taste of your prospective partner might be; but who says you can’t have fun dating right? Or maybe just going out solo, but still finding something fun to do outside the normal ogling the hot semi-models at your local watering hole that you never quite got around to working up the nerve to speak to.Well friends, you’re in luck! Living Social is here for you!

    Living Social was an app developed back in 2007 by some cool cats who decided that the rent was too damn high, and so was the cost of living…living being having fun pissing away your months expenses money on that one weekend of fun, and then scratching your head on Monday as you fret over how you’re going to keep your cell phone on. So what is Living Social you ask? Well, it’s a collection of discounts, deals, and reduced price packages on fun and exciting things to do around the City. Want to learn how to fly a plane? Living Social has a deal for that. Want to get your teeth cleaned but your dental plan sucks (or is nonexistent)? Living Social has a deal for that. Want to learn another language to impress that hot foreign transfer student living au-pair? Well, they can’t help your game, but they can help you get a discount on a language course, as well as a date doing a bit of wine tasting fully equiped with appetizers, and a haircut that would ordinarily cost you somewhere in the $100 range, for half off! Isn’t that awesome? From a three course Sushi dinner for two (including drinks) to getting your palm read by that slightly creepy gypsy with the glass eye, Living Social has a discount to suit your needs!

    Sure, some might find “coupons” as being a cheap date, just as some might be turned off by one person having more than two cats, or still living with their parents in their 30’s; the reality is, you gotta do what you gotta do. New York isn’t an afforable place to dwell in and the prices aren’t getting any lower, so anyone who can’t appreciate your thrifty ways clearly doesn’t appreciate the value of stretching a dollar to it’s absolute limit. However, for those who could appreciate your cost saving ways will find that there’s a wealth of things to do in this City other than get shit-faced drunk and pissing between cars or passing out on the train, and they with Living Social, they cost a lot less than what you paid for your Jack and Coke’s and your dates (insert drink with a unreasonably high price); you’ll also find that you’ll have a lot more fun, and you can wake up in the morning without having to wonder what happened, how you cracked your smartphones screen, or worse…regret.

    You know what the best part about all of this is? It’s FREE! And in a City where free has a hidden tax added to it, you’ll be glad to know that with Living Social, free means free. So check it out, go fly your plane, try not to stare into that gypsy’s glass eye *shudders*, or whatever else is clever; you might just have fun! Da Undercard approves of this app.



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