Deezy says: it’s finally over!


So, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I know I know, my bad. You’re probably all like “what the hell man, where’d you go” right? Well I do apologize; this is a result of the last semester of my senior year for my Bachelor degree, and it’s been a judo kick to the face. A lot of papers, and lot of assignments, a lot of lost hours sitting in class wondering what I’m going to eat, and if anyone notices that I’m only present in the physical, as my mind is processing a million and one other things (updating the content on this page being one of em).

But after many sleepless nights, I’ve finally banged out this semester and quite well at that. So do you know what this means? Well, this means more Da Undercard, more content, more…well, of my writing style I guess? I dunno why y’all come here to be honest, it isn’t for the free samples at the door. Maybe I’m just a cool and charming fellow? Maybe you can answer that.

In any case, I owe it to you all to keep this page updated, and now that I’ve finally made it over that college hump, I can finally spend more time where I belong, writing blogs that double as articles for you faceless friends of mine whom I’ve never met. Y’all are the best, and thanks for sticking with Da Undercard through this rough transition; now come and get your hug! *extends arms out figuratively*


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