Ask J Doom: The controversy Pt. III


So as everyone knows, today is Easter Sunday. Coincidentally, today is also 4/20, which can (and will be) also attributed to the unofficial cannabis enthusiast holiday of the same numerical combination (420). That being said, I’m sure that there are countless people across the country who gave up eating meat during this Lenten season who are about to rip into a nice steak or chop, or whatever meat of their choice. I’m also sure that there is an equally large number of people who started their 420 on 4/20 at 4:20, and have been red eyed and hungry ever since; there’s probably a good deal who fit into both categories. But that being the case, therein lies this articles issue, which one do you celebrate, if any at all?

I’m sure that that the answer to this will spark a debate (as well as my input on the matter), as it deals with two controversial issues, religion and camnabis use; but this wouldn’t be Da Undercard if there wasn’t any thought provoking conversations occurring from time to time. So before we get into the hot air filled (no pun intended) back and fourth rhetoric between Easter egg painting Christians, and peeps eating smokers, I’ll throw in my two cents on the matter, at which point feel free to chime in, as I encourage the dialogue.

First off, let me begin by stating that I don’t believe in Christ, or any deity in general as I believe it to be all mythology. I don’t view “God” as a being, but rather a concept used to explain both natural phenomenon as well as that which is beyond our comprehension. Many would label me as an atheist for such a statement; hey, if the shoe fits right? Instead of a being, I view God simply as Knowledge and the wisdom of the universe. God isn’t just one person, God is everyone. Also God isn’t found in just one book (holy text in particular) but can be found within the words of any and all books. In other words, I believe that God isn’t so much as “who” as it is a “what”. That being said, the concept of celebrating the resurrection of a person (Jesus), isn’t quite my cup of tea; especially when such a miraculous act as rising from the dead represented by rabbits and painted eggs. Ok, I get that April is the time of new birth, and plants and trees coming back to life; but eggs are representative of fertility, and last I knew of, Jesus wasn’t equipped with ovaries. So in my opinion, Easter (much like Christmas) seems to be a melting pot of conflicting concepts, and a reason to waste an otherwise perfectly good carton of eggs.

So based on that, you’re probably thinking “well, he must be in support of celebrating 420” right? Not at all, in fact, I’m in support of neither! Don’t get me wrong, I am a smoker, a regular smoker at that; and perhaps it’s this fact alone that keeps me from seeing the point of celebrating 4/20, in date and/or time. See, the sad truth is, most people who celebrate 420 don’t even know what 420 is anymore than Christians know what size sandal Jesus wore. Be that as it may, at 4:20 am/pm on any given day, or on 4/20 (like today), you’ll find someone smoking because it’s 420, even if they don’t know WHY they are smoking because it’s 420; it’s simply 420, so that means it’s time to smoke. Here’s the thing, 420 is a general sense is nothing more than a code-term used by smokers to identity themselves as such to others who smoke and identity with the cannabis subculture. People who feel they are being rebellious, or need a sense of belonging often tack this on to their habit as if it’s the symbol of a cannabis Masonic lodge. The origins however are a lot less glorious and make the whole thing seem rather lame.

4/20 (originally “4:20 Louis”) started with a group of teens called the “Waldo’s” in San Rafael California. The term was used by them in identifying a cannabis crop that they heard of. They’d meet at the Louis Pasteur statue (hence the “Louis” in the original term) at 4:20 pm to look for the crop. After failing to find it, the term was cut down to 4:20 or 420 (now) and was used when referring to smoking in general. Now, how many people who throw around 420 like a hashtag on twitter (which it is by the way) and actually know about the history behind it? Probably not many. Personally, I feel that if you’re smoking for the benefits of smoking, you don’t need to have a specific time, date, or sociocultural affiliation to do so. Have I smoked at 4:20? Probably, but not because it was 420, my spliff was most likely already lit, or it just so happened to be the time when it went down.

Now, none of what I said was intended to bash anyone for their beliefs, or cannabis smoking practices; I’m a firm believer of to each their own. My point in this is simply to make an observation on the practice of celebrating two days/holidays or however you want to define it, that have gone off course somewhere along the line, yet people celebrate both with such fervor. The irony lies in the fact that both happen to fall on the same day this year, which for some might seem to be a conflict of interest, especially if you come from a politically mixed household (conservative/liberal). So with all the information presented (assuming you ascribe to one/another/both) which do you celebrate today, and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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