In case you missed it- Lyrids meteor shower


Ok, so this is a bit out of the “norm” in terms of what you would typically see on here, but given the fact that it does fall in line with the whole NYC concept (as it can be viewed in the city, although barely), I figured I’d add this to ther list of Da Undercard goodies. For those of who who don’t know, there is this awesome sky show that comes around every year between April 16th and 25th called the Lyrids meteor shower. During this time,the sky is filled with streaks of light darting from one end to the other; they vary from 20 per hour to at some points as many as 100 per hour! Even though there is a long window for you to gaze up at the sky and see them, the peak days are the 22nd and the 23rd. So even though you may have missed the bulk of the meteors jetting across the sky (assuming you could even seem them over the bright lights and skyscrapers), you still have tonight to try and catch a glimpse of a show that only comes once a year. So if you can, find a nice roof that isn’t littered with broken glass and dog shit, pitch a beach chair or towel, grab a bottle of something to get you feeling all good inside…maybe that special someone you have, and look up to the sky to enjoy a show!….or, what’s left of it anyways. 


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