Da Undercard Events: African Food week


Ah food, who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? Especially if there’s no cooking involved on your end right?  Well, you’re in luck! This week is African restaurant week (April 27th- May 4th), where  you can get a taste of African cuisine all around the city! For those of you who aren’t in the know, For those of you who dont know, African food is highly diverse as the influences vary from location to location. To fully understand the reason for this, you’d have to know a bit about of the history of the different countries that form the African continent. Due to the occupation by various countries throughout history such as Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, and Belgium to name a few. The result is the fusion of the various cuisines that these countries have brought with local dishes to make some of the most delicious dishes that you have ever tried!

But enough about the history lesson, lets focus on what this week is all about, the food! Some of the popular dishes that you might find on the menu depend on where the region the cuisine comes from. From North Africa, you may find dishes such as Tangia (also known as Coucha in some places) which is a meat stew. from South Africa, you might find delicious BBQ known as Braai (in Afrikaans), or Potjeikos which is another type of meat stew. From east Africa, you might find Ugali which is a starch dish eaten with meat (possibly in a stew) and/or vegetables. From West Africa, you’ll likey find dishes with Couscous, and Groundnut stew (also known as Maafe). While I mentioned a few of the dishes that you might find, the actual list will be much more extensive and you will likely find something that will suit your palate.

So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, and want to eat something without having to worry about going in your freezer to thaw something, or trying to whip up something with the handful of random canned items in your cabinet,check out African Restaurant week and get yourself a plate of something good! If you find yourself in Flatbush, you might find me at Kombit Restaurant (279 Flatbush ave, you can get there by taking the 2,3,4,B, and Q train). Otherwise, for a full list of participating restaurants, be sure to visit the website http://www.nyarm.com



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