Best of NYC: Dollar Slices


Ahh, pizza; what would this city be without it’s thin crust, cheesy slice of pizza? Well, not New York I guess. People come far and wide for the sights, sounds, smells (although not always as pleasant as they may have expected), and tastes; so naturally our famous pizza is what people usually stop to taste and tell their friends about where it is that they come from. Now that we got that out of the way, there seems to be a bit of an issue with these pizza joints that are scattered across this massive city-state we call New York…the prices! While pizza is in high demand here, the prices are not. I’ve seen some places that charge as much as $2.25 for a regular cheese slice, $2.25! Do you know what you can get for $2.25? You can get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with a dollar can of Arizona; in case you haven’t done the math, that’s two things you can get for the price of that one which is madness! Sometimes all you have to work with is $3 in your pocket, a crumpled up dollar bill and a random assortment of coins in your pocketfrom purchases you’ve made earlier in the week wearing those same pair of jeans because thy’re your favorite. If the slice is that much, you can’t even afford to get anything to drink; even the cans of soda are like a dollar now! Inflation is one way to put it, and it is probably in part due to all those people who come here from somewhere else and decide not to leave. Fret not my fellow New Yorkers, all is not lost.

Luckily there has been a huge trend of dollar pizza joints popping up all across the city! While the variety is limited to your default cheese slice, at a buck, who’s really complaining right? 2 Bros has been one of the big players in the dollar slice game, although they offer much more than just a dollar slice. When it’s late, you’re drunk, and you need to eat something starchy to keep the alcohol in your liver, and not on the corner of the street (assuming you can even make it that far) dollar pizza os the way to go. For $2 you can usually get a slice and a drink, or two slices, or whatever combination they can come up with. But a nice, roof of your mouth burning, hot slice made by someone who’s english is as good as your accounting skills (and no, this doesn’t apply to accountants) is exactly what you need to stave off the late night munchies, or if you’re in between pay periods…starvation.


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