Governors Ball 2013



Randall’s Island, the last place anyone really want’s to go, especially when it’s raining; unless it’s June 8th-9th. Why you ask? Well that’s simple, Governors Ball is why. For three days, that island that people hardly ever go to is loaded with the trendy crowd from across the five boroughs and beyond. I mean what’s not to like? the event encompasses  three things that always equal a good time: live music, booze, and mud (at least this year).

So what is the event you ask? well simple my friends, it’s a three day live music/boozefest. Once the ferry takes you on that short trip to the island, the fun begins. You see the mass of sober people walking in, and an even larger mass of drunks stumbling out. This years line up included a bit of something for everyone. Big names such as Kanye West, Kings of Leon (both headliners), Nas, Azalea Banks, and Kendrick Lamar  were set to perform as well as many indie groups. Even groups that haven’t sat on peoples lips for years like Steel Pulse (seriously?) were in attendance.

All in all, if you like live music, drunk hipsters from Greenpoint and WIlliamsburg, as well as some good ol’ mud, Governors Ball was the place to be seen this weekend. And as the Notorious B.I.G would say “and if you don’t know, now you know”. 


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